Realizing A Dream

After years of dreaming about writing books for the children in her life, the realization of a dream

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Superhero Kids Overcome Fears

Every child learns how to overcome their fears in different ways. Kate explores creative ways different boys and girls have done so.

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Where it All Started

Learn how a musician and nurse saw her dream as a writer come true.

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The Hardcover is Here! Order Your Signed Copy!

The premium hardcover editions of your little superhero’s favorite new book is finally here!

You can buy a signed copy for $16, or a bulk purchase to give as gifts! Please contact me HERE and I will reach out to you about payment and delivery.

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A Call to Help Those in Need


Hello friends!

After years of working as a nurse in hospice and end-of-life care, I found myself witnessing the grief of so many families who had lost loved ones, especially the youngest ones. Seeing very little in the children’s book market to address this need, I was compelled to write stories that would help children wrestling with these complex emotions.

I had always had a dream to write a book, but this gave my dream a greater purpose.

After my first book was written, it became very clear to me in a dream that God had a plan for my writing. Shortly thereafter, I felt a calling to become a foster parent. I jumped in with both feet.

My mission is to help spread awareness, which includes the growing need for children in someone else’s care, for whatever reason.




OneHope27 is the organization that provided the framework for my decision, and directed my calling to serve. One of the things I remember about my meeting with Charonne and Kevin (founders of OneHope27) is, “Not everyone is called to foster, but everyone can do something.”

OneHope27 believes The Church is the hope of the Foster care crisis. They accomplish this by promoting awareness, recruiting and supporting foster parents. My dream is to support this organization with my writing, so that they may continue on their mission.

I am asking that anyone who buys my new book Superhero Kid in Training will simply consider doing something to help. One way to help is by donating financially to help build their organization, or buy #SKIT for a child entering care. Please donate here.

ONEHOPE27 can be found on Twitter, or Facebook




On any given day there are over 400,000 children in out of home care in the United States.

Each year nearly 27,000 of those will “age out” of Foster care without the critical family supports they need to succeed.

There are over 10,000 children within our foster care system waiting for an Adoptive Family.

Of the 28,000 kids in America who “age out” of care without a forever home, 85-90% of them will be homeless, incarcerated, addicted or dead within 2 years. Wisconsin needs Christ followers who would give their family to a child who needs an Adoptive family – FOREVER.

With over 2000 kids in foster care on any given day in Milwaukee County alone, and only 589 foster homes the need is great. You can be part of the solution with me.


SKIT of the Day: Josue Takes Care of Family

Meet Josue Torres! He’s the handsome guy in the red fireman hat. He’s our SKIT of the Day today because he’s selfless and fearless! “I’m a superhero because I take care of my cousins, grandpa and the rest of my family.”

If you have your own story, and would like me to feature it, send me your info HERE. I will get you your own signed copy, and feature the picture or video on my Facebook page and here as well.

SKIT of the Day: UPDATE!

Tessi got her copy, and is already reading it! The story comes alive with Jayden’s illustrations, and teaches the lesson of facing your fears while creatively overcoming them no matter what age your little superhero may be.

If you have your own story, and would like me to feature it, send me your info HERE. I will get you your own signed copy, and feature the picture or video on my Facebook page and here as well.


SKIT of the Day: Update!

Remember our Superhero Kid In Training of the day, Beau?  Well, now he got to read the book with his dad. And they helped create this awesome video for us to share with all of you!

I love how the kids interact with the story.  Send us pictures, videos or updates of your own experiences, so we can feature them on Facebook and the website!

Don’t forget to order your own copy and a couple for friends!

SKIT of the day: Eli!

When Eli was asked where he gets his superhero powers from, he answered without hesitation:

“When I put my cape on I get strong muscle power!”