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Finding Your Purpose Is Often Not How You Planned It

On so many days I struggle with myself, wondering why I am called to write. Thoughts of doubt creep in when I see how many people God has given the gift of making their thoughts come alive on paper.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend that meant so much to me. I was told that my book had touched a young child’s life, but also had an impact on his mom. It was amazing to hear that my book has a powerful message for families that displays moral value. Even if I have touched one life, it is worth it all!

Today I woke up with a renewed sense of vision and passion for my pursuit. On a daily basis, I have found the strength and courage needed to continue on, despite the incredible challenges of wavering creativity and self doubt.

If God has given you a dream, embrace it and tackle it with persistence. I can promise you it will never turn out the way you had planned, but His unique work will be accomplished through you and around you.

Interview w/Nedalee Thomas’ Princess Power

In August, I was blessed to share a podcast with Nedalee Thomas, the host of Princess Power. We discussed a wide range of issues related to foster care, my calling to write a book, family dynamics when you take on a foster child, and the content and purpose of my first book, Superhero Kid: In Training.

Princess Power interview:

A S’more Recipe for Busy Parents – My Treat…

Fall is upon us, at least for those of us not living in the paradise of California… and when the chill comes, the bonfire madness begins. And then there’s the tasty treats that accompany them.

I found a few recipes for S’mores that put a radical new spin on a traditional, if not routine nighttime affair. I’ve shared the latest of them below. Granted, they’re not all made ON the fire, but with one of these, you can make almost anything on the campfire!

Perfect for anyone experiencing a little nostalgia for warm summer days as well as a craving for something sweet, the Five Minute Chocolate Fudge Smores Mug Cake offers the perfect solution.

Recently featured on food blog ‘How Sweet It Is,’ this recipe for Five Minute Chocolate Fudge Smores Mug Cake is as easy to prepare as it is delicious. Requiring the same tempting ingredients as the classic campfire treat:



A few marshmallows
Graham crackers (broken, not crushed or whole)
Chocolate (get creative! Dark, milk, white, etc)
3 TBSP of butter
Vanilla extract
Pastry flour



Place the graham cracker pieces, melted butter, vanilla and pastry flour in a mug and lightly stir the ingredients together.

Microwave them for a few minutes until it becomes a cake-like mixture, then add a couple of small marshmallows on the top for the last few seconds (not too early or they’ll blow up in the microwave!).

To get the toasty golden brown on the top, you might have to bake this and use oven mitts to drink it!


Happy Tasting!

Kaden Is A Superhero You Have to Meet

Meet Kaden, a five year old boy who beat 5% odds of survival to begin growing into a beautiful young man. Kaden has a rare bone condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. He was given only months to live, so his parents’ doctor suggested abortion, because his chances of survival were near impossible. His parents bet on the 5% and refused to give up on him. Now, five years later, he amazes doctors every day.

Kaden’s brittle bones have broken 40 times so far, and he’s had many surgeries. Like Elijah Price in the movie Unbreakable, who had the same condition, he could have given into fear and bitterness, but instead he has great love for other people, is fearless even in his condition, and has dreams of becoming something great! His survival alone qualifies him as a superhero in the hearts of so many, but his attitude is even more powerful, and an inspiration to all of us. The full video is here.

His favorite hero is Superman. You can read more of his story after birth here, on his mother’s blog.


If you have your own story, or know of one and would like me to feature it, send me your info HERE. I will get you your own signed copy, and feature the picture or video on my Facebook page and here as well.

Just a little taste of what I’ve been working on

We’ve been teasing the book the last several weeks, and many of you have sent pictures of your own little superheroes. You can find them on my Facebook page. If you have any submissions, please post them there, or email them to me and maybe yours will be featured!

It’s been a long process, and I’m excited about what we get to show you. Just a little taste of what me and the talented illustrator, Jayden Ellsworth have been working on.

It started with an idea…








Then, we gave it some life…

After a while, we began to fill it with color…









Now, to see the rest, you have to get a copy for you, and the little superhero in YOUR life! Click HERE.