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Sneak peek into Finn’s next adventure


My purpose for this story is to show kids that they are beautifully and wonderfully made, even with glasses. This is the second book in the series of SKIT, and Finn is faced with a new challenge, that includes learning to be a hero with glasses. I hope you all enjoy my sample. Please tell me what you think!

“I stood in front of the office mirror and tried on all of the glasses. I made silly faces at the people in the doctor’s office, and they were all laughing… I was being so funny! I looked like a superhero… with laser eyes! As I picked out my specs, I could see the future, and my life was about to become really important. I wondered what my laser eyes would help me see.”

Interview on TMJ4 Live @ Daybreak

On Saturday, August 27th during the 6:45am segment, I was interviewed by Julia Fello of Live @ Daybreak on WTMJ channel 4.


MILWAUKEE — There are more than 2,000 children in foster care any given day in Milwaukee, and less than 600 foster homes. A Milwaukee-area foster mom and nurse just wrote a book she hopes will resonate with every family about conquering your fears.

The new children’s book just published out of Waukesha is called “Superhero Kid in Training” by Kate Dickinson. She shared the challenges of being a foster mom inspired her to write a relatable story about overcoming the fear of riding a bike.

Dickinson also used her experience as a nurse who has seen children wrestle with complicated emotions.

To order your own copy, and get one as a gift for a superhero in your life, please STOP BY HERE and make your request, and I will reach out to you!