Author: Kate

SKIT of the day: Eli!

When Eli was asked where he gets his superhero powers from, he answered without hesitation:

“When I put my cape on I get strong muscle power!”


SKIT of the day: Beau!

Meet Beau our next #SKIT hero!

Beau does feats of strength like lifting up couches, tables, his sister, etc. and he always says:

“Daddy when I grow up I’m going to be even BIGGER than the Hulk!”

Just a little taste of what I’ve been working on

We’ve been teasing the book the last several weeks, and many of you have sent pictures of your own little superheroes. You can find them on my Facebook page. If you have any submissions, please post them there, or email them to me and maybe yours will be featured!

It’s been a long process, and I’m excited about what we get to show you. Just a little taste of what me and the talented illustrator, Jayden Ellsworth have been working on.

It started with an idea…








Then, we gave it some life…

After a while, we began to fill it with color…









Now, to see the rest, you have to get a copy for you, and the little superhero in YOUR life! Click HERE.


SKIT of the day: Tessi!

When this little superhero was asked what makes you feel like a Superhero Kid in Training? She replied:

“I feel most like a hero when I run my fastest because it gives me super speed!”

Way to go Tessi!!!