Supermom in Training

Sometimes the messy bun, perfect supersize stretch pants, and #momlife shirt, aren’t enough to make a successful mom. We may have our lukewarm coffee (microwaved 3 times) as we exit the house, but that doesn’t mean we have it pulled together in the least bit.. I don’t remember the last time I left the house in matching socks.

The truth is sometimes our killer sense of style and painted on smile can be a mask we wear to cover up feeling like an imperfect disaster.

Last night “Little Bug” was having a difficult time getting to sleep and kept crying out for me. I was laying in bed wishing for one selfish moment alone… when finally I caved. We read Elmo’s Fantastic Picture Book for the millionth time, and prayed together (it was so awesome). It was in that moment I thought, “this is winning.”

So here is where I am going with all of this… It’s the little moments in life that no one sees, that make us a rockstar mom. Don’t miss out on the little moments in search of the unattainable supermom status. It’s alright to let our messy bun down and be who God created us to be… imperfectly His.