Kaden Is A Superhero You Have to Meet

Meet Kaden, a five year old boy who beat 5% odds of survival to begin growing into a beautiful young man. Kaden has a rare bone condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. He was given only months to live, so his parents’ doctor suggested abortion, because his chances of survival were near impossible. His parents bet on the 5% and refused to give up on him. Now, five years later, he amazes doctors every day.

Kaden’s brittle bones have broken 40 times so far, and he’s had many surgeries. Like Elijah Price in the movie Unbreakable, who had the same condition, he could have given into fear and bitterness, but instead he has great love for other people, is fearless even in his condition, and has dreams of becoming something great! His survival alone qualifies him as a superhero in the hearts of so many, but his attitude is even more powerful, and an inspiration to all of us. The full video is here.

His favorite hero is Superman. You can read more of his story after birth here, on his mother’s blog.


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