Realizing A Dream

After years of dreaming about writing books for the children in her life, the realization of a dream

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Superhero Kids Overcome Fears

Every child learns how to overcome their fears in different ways. Kate explores creative ways different boys and girls have done so.

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Where it All Started

Learn how a musician and nurse saw her dream as a writer come true.

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Visit With Girl Scouts Made My Day!

Tonight was truly an uplifting experience!

My dream has been to talk with girls about their fears, and how to overcome them, simply by believing they can accomplish anything.

One thing was for sure, these young Daisies had more aspiration and hope about the future than I ever imagined for myself at such an age. It was my hope to instill in them that they are amazing and their dreams are realistic.

Looking out at their smiling faces gave me such a feeling of joy that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. I saw these girls as moldable clay, all coming with their own set of experiences and stories to share. Each girl was unique, precious, and had a sparkle about them. I had the opportunity to speak to each one of them, and they touched my heart back.

Every girl wanted her own SKIT book and I as author to reader, I had the opportunity to share a moment with each one of them, and give some encouragement to follow their dreams. The Daisies spent part of the time writing their own stories and then sharing them with me.

I felt so blessed to be apart of the Girl Scout meeting and I’m looking forward to visiting more troops like yours, spending time learning about these precious ladies.

If you’d like to book a visit for your troop(s), or would just like to learn more, please email me at, or stop by this page HERE.

Finding Your Purpose Is Often Not How You Planned It

On so many days I struggle with myself, wondering why I am called to write. Thoughts of doubt creep in when I see how many people God has given the gift of making their thoughts come alive on paper.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend that meant so much to me. I was told that my book had touched a young child’s life, but also had an impact on his mom. It was amazing to hear that my book has a powerful message for families that displays moral value. Even if I have touched one life, it is worth it all!

Today I woke up with a renewed sense of vision and passion for my pursuit. On a daily basis, I have found the strength and courage needed to continue on, despite the incredible challenges of wavering creativity and self doubt.

If God has given you a dream, embrace it and tackle it with persistence. I can promise you it will never turn out the way you had planned, but His unique work will be accomplished through you and around you.

SKIT Works w/Girl Scouts to Find Super-Girl Powers!

I absolutely love everything Girl Scouts! It is not just a place for young girls to come together and make friends, but an outlet for learning new skills and passions.

In my past I was a Scout, and some my favorite childhood memories came from the meetings and retreats we shared. I remember all the sights and smells of my very first camping trip we took as a Brownie troop. I developed my love and passion for bon-fires and marshmallows. We sat around the campfire singing songs and bonding over scary stories told with a flashlight on our faces.

One memory that I will never forget is the night I spent sleeping on the floor in the cabin in the woods, waking up to a small mouse crawling on me. The little guy spent the night curled up in my bag with me and was coming out for a snack. Although at the time it was my worst nightmare, I remembered how we all stuck together on top of the counter, while our brave leader caught and released the mouse.

I was recently called back to being involved with the girls and I literally can’t wait! I wanted to help in a way that would speak to the young generation’s heart and provide a foundation that will last into their adulthood. As a children’s author I feel I am called to inspire girls to reach beyond their normal day life, and exploring who they are and what they can only dream of becoming.

As the meetings are about to begin I have planned ways to get involved in my local council and throughout the country. One of the ways is for me to come and chat with the ladies on how to write a book, and teach them that everyone has a story to tell. I want the girls to have a one-on-one experience in an environment that is comfortable to them as well as an opportunity to learn.

I also have a reading patch that the girls can earn after reviewing my book (Superhero Kid in Training) and exchanging a letter of correspondence. This idea was given to me from a dear friend who leads a troop in Texas, and it has taken off in several areas around the US.

This upcoming season is so exciting to me on a personal level. I believe that the Girl Scout leadership experience can instill confidence, courage, and character. This is something I want to be apart of in any way possible. Let me know if your troop would like to book an event, I would love to attend a meeting or assist in any upcoming project you may have. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Life Lessons Learned in a First-grade Classroom

It was a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin, one of those Indian summer days we look forward to in the Midwest. Asian beetles were pelting me in the head as I made my way through the doors of Rawson Elementary School. This would be the first of many author visits coming this season after writing my book (Superhero Kid in Training.) AND boy did I feel prepared after combing Google and Pinterest for different ideas on how to present to the world of 1st grade. 

I had worked on my superhero craft for many hours and I was hopeful that the students would enjoy the project. As I finally finished gluing my last eyeball on the Popsicle stick it was time to go. I had written out a carefully planned agenda hoping to impress the teachers and the students… in a geeky sort of way. When I got to the school my stomach was filled with butterflies because I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. One thing was sure… I was right!

 The classes welcomed me with smiles and lots of questions. I was invited to sit-down in the “special teacher” chair that commanded attention. I started out by asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up.” I was overwhelmed with all of the hands, as every single student stretched their hands to the sky. This was the point that I had set my agenda to the side, because this class had other plans for my visit. I realized all of my planning had been thrown out the window with the Asian beetles… and I loved it.

 I had a variety of answers to my questions and some of my favorites were a veterinarian, police officer, and a dentist. The future generation already has such high hopes and I was impressed. I saw one young girl in the back that waited calmly to be called on. “I want to be an author,” she said. This struck a chord with me and I was filled with hope. I wondered to myself if her parents read to her daily, or what made this girl aspire to write at such a young age. 

 I began reading my book out loud and didn’t get far without one of the kids telling me that they couldn’t see a page, or different questions about the book. These kids were engaged, and it sent energy through me knowing I was living out my dream.

 When I wrote this book I had one purpose. I wanted to give children the ability to face their fears, and believe they can do anything they set their minds to do. I wished I could go back and be a first grader all over again. I wanted to be the girl in the back who was so confident about being a writer. It wasn’t until I learned how to tackle my fears as an adult that I was able to succeed. 

 Imagine what these children could accomplish if they learn this life lesson in first grade! This world would be such a beautiful place.



The Boy of Wonder Poem


Kate has written a poem for a boy whom she’s had the blessing of raising for nearly two years. The poem, titled “The Boy of Wonder” is available for download here for $1.50 by clicking below.

“This poem was written for a little boy, who I have had the pleasure of raising for almost 2 years. His future with me is unknown, but I always want a way for him to remember me, I want this story to lead him home.”

You may download a copy HERE. Please support digital authorship by paying $1.50 per copy below:

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Interview w/Nedalee Thomas’ Princess Power

In August, I was blessed to share a podcast with Nedalee Thomas, the host of Princess Power. We discussed a wide range of issues related to foster care, my calling to write a book, family dynamics when you take on a foster child, and the content and purpose of my first book, Superhero Kid: In Training.

Princess Power interview:

A S’more Recipe for Busy Parents – My Treat…

Fall is upon us, at least for those of us not living in the paradise of California… and when the chill comes, the bonfire madness begins. And then there’s the tasty treats that accompany them.

I found a few recipes for S’mores that put a radical new spin on a traditional, if not routine nighttime affair. I’ve shared the latest of them below. Granted, they’re not all made ON the fire, but with one of these, you can make almost anything on the campfire!

Perfect for anyone experiencing a little nostalgia for warm summer days as well as a craving for something sweet, the Five Minute Chocolate Fudge Smores Mug Cake offers the perfect solution.

Recently featured on food blog ‘How Sweet It Is,’ this recipe for Five Minute Chocolate Fudge Smores Mug Cake is as easy to prepare as it is delicious. Requiring the same tempting ingredients as the classic campfire treat:



A few marshmallows
Graham crackers (broken, not crushed or whole)
Chocolate (get creative! Dark, milk, white, etc)
3 TBSP of butter
Vanilla extract
Pastry flour



Place the graham cracker pieces, melted butter, vanilla and pastry flour in a mug and lightly stir the ingredients together.

Microwave them for a few minutes until it becomes a cake-like mixture, then add a couple of small marshmallows on the top for the last few seconds (not too early or they’ll blow up in the microwave!).

To get the toasty golden brown on the top, you might have to bake this and use oven mitts to drink it!


Happy Tasting!

Supermom in Training

Sometimes the messy bun, perfect supersize stretch pants, and #momlife shirt, aren’t enough to make a successful mom. We may have our lukewarm coffee (microwaved 3 times) as we exit the house, but that doesn’t mean we have it pulled together in the least bit.. I don’t remember the last time I left the house in matching socks.

The truth is sometimes our killer sense of style and painted on smile can be a mask we wear to cover up feeling like an imperfect disaster.

Last night “Little Bug” was having a difficult time getting to sleep and kept crying out for me. I was laying in bed wishing for one selfish moment alone… when finally I caved. We read Elmo’s Fantastic Picture Book for the millionth time, and prayed together (it was so awesome). It was in that moment I thought, “this is winning.”

So here is where I am going with all of this… It’s the little moments in life that no one sees, that make us a rockstar mom. Don’t miss out on the little moments in search of the unattainable supermom status. It’s alright to let our messy bun down and be who God created us to be… imperfectly His.

Sneak peek into Finn’s next adventure


My purpose for this story is to show kids that they are beautifully and wonderfully made, even with glasses. This is the second book in the series of SKIT, and Finn is faced with a new challenge, that includes learning to be a hero with glasses. I hope you all enjoy my sample. Please tell me what you think!

“I stood in front of the office mirror and tried on all of the glasses. I made silly faces at the people in the doctor’s office, and they were all laughing… I was being so funny! I looked like a superhero… with laser eyes! As I picked out my specs, I could see the future, and my life was about to become really important. I wondered what my laser eyes would help me see.”